Cuomo Gets (A Lot Of) What He Wanted

New York doesn’t have a completed state budget and members of the Legislature won’t be paid until there is one in place.

But if there’s anything taken away from the mega “extender” bill aside from funding the government for the next eight weeks or so, it’s also billions of dollars in infrastructure and capital project money Cuomo had included.

A simple, straight “extender” it was not.

Lawmakers approved the bill by Monday night after a weekend of failing to reach a deal on a full budget. New education spending, one of the largest chunks of the state budget, is not included.

But Cuomo’s office is touting $2.5 billion for water infrastructure needs, funding the state’s capital transportation program, a plan for prescriptions drug costs and the approval of the second phase of the Buffalo Billion economic development initiative for western New York.

“From the Buffalo Billion to Whiteface Mountain to Penn Station to the LIRR, our development moves forward. But make no mistake: we are far from done,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo pointed to the failed effort to achieve juvenile justice reform, as well as a plan he proposed at the start of the year — providing free tuition to SUNY and CUNY schools for families earning less than $125,000.

“We must finish the job and pass a responsible budget that makes college tuition free for the middle class, fully funds our public schools, cuts taxes for the middle class, Raises the Age of criminal responsibility, combats homelessness, and moves New York forward. We will work until we accomplish it all,” Cuomo said.
-Nick Reisman. @NickReisman.