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Cuomo goes viral

It was Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s most delayed budget, but elements of the complicated agreement are still getting him national attention—sometimes in unlikely places.

Though the governor has denied current interest in higher office, he was praised as a potential presidential candidate by heavy hitters like the Rev. Al Sharpton and former Rep. Charles Rangel on Monday at the signing of “Raise the Age” legislation. The measure prevents most 16- and 17-year-olds from being tried as adults, and it has received positive national coverage as New York correcting a lag behind other states.

On free public college, though, a new video by the viral news organization Attn: frames Cuomo’s tuition plan as an accomplishment that’s ahead of the curve. Posted on Sunday and pinned to the top of the site’s popular Facebook page on Tuesday, the video enjoys pride of place above liberal-leaning content and a click-bait article about mermen.

The minute-long Attn: video is slickly produced and notes some of the nitty-gritty details of the tuition plan, including its phase-in period. But its tone is upbeat and appears aimed at the kind of crusading young supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders who might be looking to spread the gospel, if they could only find a new champion.

The video ends with the words, “Share this video if you think more states should follow New York’s lead.”

Mark Chiusano

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