State senators want to keep kids out of adult prisons


“OSSINING – State Sens. David Carlucci and Jeff Klein are looking to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 years old in order to keep children out of prison when they commit nonviolent crimes.

The two lawmakers hosted a roundtable discussion on the matter in Ossining Tuesday.

Supporters for raising the age insist that young teenagers are not adults and should not be treated as such. They argue that they are impulsive and susceptible to outside influences.

“Yes we want to hold them accountable for bad choices, but we support the level of change they need in their own lives,” says Tajae Taylor, of the Westchester & Rockland Mediation Center.

Advocates of raising the age say the current law destines youthful offenders to a life of crime and failure.

“We know at 16 they can’t even see an R-rated movie without a parent, yet we’re sentencing them to prison,” Carlucci says. “That’s wrong.”

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